Our Services

Uptouch Consult Limited specializes in practical and integrated human resources initiatives, providing to its clients, effective outsourcing, job placement and skills development services amongst others. Key amongst them includes;

  • Recruitment Support Services
  • Labour Supply and or Management Services
  • General Consulting Human Resource
  • Administrative Support Services

Job Placement Services
Youth unemployment has become a serious developmental issue for most governments throughout the world. The youth is constantly frustrated by the near exclusion from competing on the job market due to the “lack of experience” syndrome. UPTOUCH provides an opportunity and hope to the young job seekers by making them well positioned for the job market. This is done by providing the platform for building up young graduates for the job market through planned orientation, training and or skills development programs and subsequently linking them to prospective employers.

Equity And Empowerment
As part of our commitment to national transformation and social development, UPTOUCH has structured itself to promote the advancement of individuals and businesses, in the world of work and competition.

Outsourcing Services
Most entities (corporate bodies, small and medium enterprises) are often faced with challenges of necessary but time-consuming activities and huge overhead costs that inhibit their organizational development, rendering them almost incapable of doing business in the proper way, to ensure maximum productivity and thus enable them contribute meaningfully towards national development efforts.
Most of such businesses find themselves in a cycle of financial and or time constraints as a result of directing substantial amounts of their scarce resources to non-core activities. UPTOUCH brings the difference by taking up all responsibilities for which it might not be prudent to hire full time employees or manage a large number of personnel; thereby supporting diverse entities in competing for survival and sustainability in the business world. We have the record of being able to engage any type of workforce (skilled & unskilled) to perform and exceed our clients’ expectation.

Quality Assurance
UPTOUCH prides itself on the capacity and professionalism of its Management Team, Staff and Associate Consultants. In order to ensure a high quality of service, UPTOUCH inserts quality control safeguards into all agreements with clients. These safeguard agreements hinge on the use of monitoring and feedback mechanisms, as well as client protection and confidentiality contractual clauses. Under such agreements any client who feels that an inferior service has been delivered, and this is verified by a mutually agreed upon external arbiter, will have the situation rectified at no extra expense to the client.