About us

UPTOUCH Consult is a limited liability company providing practical Human Resources and Business support services to individuals and corporate entities, with the view to increase productivity and maximize return on investment in human capital, in an ever changing environment. Consisting of and drawing on the capacity of a team of skilled and experienced practitioners in diverse spheres of endeavor, UPTOUCH provides its services to individuals, public and private institutions and entities in the area of Human Resources Management, Logistics support and also support job seekers in their job
search efforts. The company offers professional Human Resources and general business support services to corporate bodies or entities who may want to out-source non-core services and also provide training, develop, orientate and support young graduates of diverse academic and vocational backgrounds in their job search and placement efforts.
We have well trained staff that has the requisite skills to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.

The company exists to offer practical, viable Human Resources support services to individuals and corporate bodies and also to support
job seekers, particularly young graduates from the country’s tertiary (including vocational) institutions in their job search efforts, provide
HR functional and general business logistics support services to corporate bodies.

To become a self-sufficient, model HR Company, an employer of choice, delivering value to all its stakeholders in an environment of
continuous improvement and always setting the pace for other Competitors.

Our Core Values
The core values which govern our daily interactions with clients and all stakeholders are: honesty, integrity, professionalism, equity and
fairness, accountability and commitment to safeguarding our environment.